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🐰🎉 Easter Egg Hunt: Win a Custom Render! 🎨🥚

Let's celebrate  with a challenge! I have hidden total two Easter eggs in three remake renders of a project for the top floor of the Maassilo, designed by me and William in the past.

Can you find them?

🔍 How to Participate:
Look closely at the renders and find
one blue pixel (RGB 0 0 255) and one red pixel (RGB 255 0 0)
hidden within two of the three images.

Once you've located both pixels,
take a screenshot and
send it via email to

🏆 Prize:
"If you're the one to correctly identify both pixels,
you'll have the chance to win
a custom render for your project!"

The contest is untill Tuesday 2nd of April 2024
& there will be only 1 winner.

Happy hunting, and may the best pixel inspector win!

TIP: download the three images via one of the eggs below


HUEvisuals MS elevation dynamic.jpg
HUEvisuals MS Zoom night smoking area color.jpg
HUEvisuals MS drama from below.jpg

If you have any question or remark, please send an email at the following address:

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  • Instagram
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