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About HUE

Hue Visuals is a rendering studio based in Zoho Rotterdam. HUE fancies drawing colorful artist impressions for any architectural and urban scale as a temporary team-player during every thinkable phase of a design development. 

Hue Visuals is initiated by Koen after a dozen years of experience in the field of Photoshop, 3d and architecture. Related know-how is gained among other things at multiple renowned architectural offices and the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Delft.


A technical base is mingled together with a creative intention to boost architectural and urban projects visually. HUE also thinks along if some extra conceptual brain-power or 3d modeling is welcome in exploring design phases.

Not every contribution, collabo or scope of work is the same. To some extent HUE proclaims a framed flexibility. As you wish work can be quick and abstract or thoroughly detailed with multiple ping-pong revision rounds and some more sense and sensibility. Whatever works for the brief at a specific moment to point out the essence of a project within a certain atmosphere and context. HUE will always aim a final image comes with certain aesthetics, whether it is a render, montage or photo-bashed collage.


HUE works for and together with all sorts of parties and people; architects, contractors, developers, friends, municipalities, urban designers and private clients. ​​​


Fresh images, easy on the eye which show what the images need to show. Hue Visuals aims on implementing value and some colour in most black and white processes to get people excited about the projects they are working on and catalyse decision making.


Just contact HUE and let's explore possibilities and work together in a durable transitory team-setup to make our world a little more beautiful together.

HUE is here for you.

Koen Klok MSc


If you have any question or remark, please send an email at the following address:

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